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LSI Solutions


  • Turnkey services

    Services provided for prototyping and mass production of ASIC and analog/mixed-signal IC.

  • Discontinued IC Regeneration

    Customized IC and ASIC that have reached EOL (discontinuance or end of life production) are regenerated using the best processes.

  • System Level Design

    System Level Design methodology, including Model-Based Design (MBD) and High Level Synthesis (HLS), reduces development times and improves the quality of system LSIs with growing gate counts and complexity.

  • Logic Design and Verification

    High quality, short-term design services are provided based on more than 20 years of logic design and verification experience.

  • FPGA Design

    Total support for the development of RTL, circuit boards and software using FPGA.

  • Layout Design

    Design expertise in the design of diverse ICs from a single cell design up to full-chip custom layout.

  • Custom IC Design

    Various analog IC development services are provided based on the expertise we have cultivated over the years. In addition, power supply IC development solutions (practical development achievements up to 24MHz have been produced) are introduced to cover the development of power supply IC for a wide range of applications ranging from industrial equipment to mobile devices.

  • Testing

    Our expertise is utilized to bring about cost reduction by supporting easily testable designs and the reduction of testing hours.

  • IC analysis

    IC submitted by the customer is decomposed and the circuits are extracted to be reproduced as RTL or circuit diagrams.

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