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Three Solutions

Taking on new challenges through the generation of synergy between our Three businesses

Three Solutions

Embedded System Solutions image Embedded System Solutions

As one of our strengths is platform development for embedded products, we meet a wide range of needs such as scaling up and upgrading systems. We also provide high-level embedded system solutions, from onboard equipment such as advanced operational support systems to social infrastructure such as public sector systems for railways and roads.

We provide integrated development and varied solutions in all areas from applications to platforms. Moreover, we help customers to tackle their product development challenges through the provision of optimized solutions based on our wealth of experience and track record that we have built up over the years.

LSI Solutions imageLSI Solutions

Our design solutions provide a variety of design services from logic and analog design to design evaluation and analysis. Our product solutions cover all areas: from the supply of prototype and mass-production LSIs, through the revival of discontinued products, to the provision of IP and other LSI products. By focusing on these two types of solutions, we provide customers with product development support.

We bring together our wealth of LSI-related know-how and experience, plus our 40-year track record, to provide customers with optimized solutions.

System Integration Solutions imageSystem Integration Solutions

Our solutions business in this area focuses on cloud services, industry-specific solutions, operational solutions, and integrated IT infrastructure. We provide optimized solutions that address the challenges that our customers face and fulfill their requirements.

Based on our diverse cloud service lineup and the business know-how we have developed over the years, we contribute to carefully thought-out yet rapid ICT deployments and operational cost reductions for business expansion by combining a range of solutions specific to industry and business categories, while identifying the customer’s actual requirements and making use of our capabilities in on-premises development.

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