Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) Corporation

About Us

Our Mission

We are one of the few software companies in Japan that work in a wide range of fields, from hardware related items to applications.

With a broad range of solutions for devices, platforms, applications, and services based on our advanced technology, we resolve the diversity of challenges that our clients face and support their growth.

We intend to be a company that continues to create new value while meeting our clients' actual needs in a rapidly changing business environment.

Our Strengths

1. Power to keep trying

We have developed its ability to keep trying, which is one of our strengths, through many years of experience in system development.

We always strive persistently to discover what can be done to overcome seemingly difficult challenges and goals, and to carry through the measures that have been decided.

We face up to the challenges posed by meeting the expectations and trust of clients of the most importance.

2. Power to create connections

We fully understand what clients want to achieve and carefully identify the requirements of the various stakeholders. We then achieve those requirements with the power of ICT.

Based on our advanced ICT solutions, we are always serious about what is best for society, businesses, and other organizations in order to support a world where people are connected with each other.

We support digital businesses evolution from the viewpoint of ICT and business.

3. Power to make changes

Our strengths include our diverse fields of operations, including planning, design, development, and support service in the businesses fields of embedded and LSI.

We create new connections that never existed before and to make transformations that go beyond the conventional, thereby creating new value

Our 50 years of experience form our foundations

Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) Corporation was founded in 1962, when Japan’s computer industry was in its early stages.

We are a group of engineers, each of whom has his or her particular expertise and skills, who always can be relied upon. This concept forms our foundations, which remain unchanged since we were established.

We have been working with our clients for over 50 years and we will continue to follow our path as a leader in the industry.

[Photo] Our 50 years of experience form our foundations

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