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Embedded System Solutions

We offer to support your products development among various fields including Automotive Equipment, Office automation / Business Equipment, Digital home appliance, Industry / Energy-related equipment and Mobile equipment as providing our products, our solid skills and know-how. We also provide one stop solution covered through "LSI filed", "platform fired" to "application filed".

Embedde System Solutions Application Fields

Embedde System Solutions Platform Fields

Embedde System Solutions LSI Fields

Our Solutions

  • Automotive Equipment Solutions

    This provides the following: power train, power management system / body system ECU control software development. Development of applications such as car navigation and meter-specific platform area (reference board, OS, driver), to application areas (HMI, audio-coalition). Inspection solutions based on M-RADSHIPS, unit inspection support tools are also provided.

  • Office automation / Business Equipment Solutions

    This provides object-oriented development for MFP user interface units and engine units (mainly print function). In particular, mid-speed to high-speed framework development and fluctuating unit development are supported

  • Digital Home Appliance Solutions

    This provides various solutions such as application/middleware development for digital home electronics and drivers (API) for controlling Soc. Total development from firmware using hardware engines to control customization are supported.

  • Industry / Energy-related Solutions

    This provides EMS development (HEMS, BEMS, CEMS) for a smart community.Device development support using model base development for secondary cells, smart meters, and next generation lighting.

  • Communication / Mobile Solutions

    We have focused on wireless technologies and developed mobile phones / base stations for many years. As smartphones have become more popular, Android product development has also been gaining popularity in recent years. We provide optimal solutions by combining conventional technologies and state-of-the-art technologies to support your product development.

  • Platform Solutions

    This provides services such as porting and development of RTOS / BSP / middleware / drivers / libraries for boards, products such as middleware / OS / drivers / development environments, and designs and development of system evaluation boards. We support every stage from FPGA design to evaluation board manufacturing.

Embedded Products

We provide various products to bring smart and optimized development.

  • Application
    • Embedded Virtual Machine (WebSphere Everyplace Custom Environment)
  • Tool
    Development Tools
    • Real-time Simulator (M-RADSHIPS)
    Development Support Tools
    • OSS License Management (Black Duck Protex)
    • Defect Management System (PRISMY)
    • Integrated Development Environment (Rational)
  • Middleware & Driver
    • Embedded IPsec (NetNucleus IPSec)
    • Wireless LAN Security (NetNucleus WPA)
    • Network Setup Tools (NetNucleus WPS)
    • TCP/IP Library (NetNucleus)
    • SD-Audio/Video
    • Standard SD Host Controller Memory Driver
    • USB2.0/1.1 supported Host Driver (MatrixQuestUSB/host)
    • USB function (MatrixQuestUSB/func)
    • PictBridge supported Direct Printware (MatrixQuestDPS)
    • DOS File System (FilDos32)
    • NOR-type Flash Memory Library
    • NAND-type Flash Memory Library
  • Operating System
    • OS compliant with μITRON 3.0/4.0 (UDEOS)

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