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IC analysis Overview

Accurate extraction of circuit information from IC [IC analysis]

The IC submitted by a customer is decomposed and the circuits are extracted with high accuracy. When the latest circuit information is missing, the circuits can be reproduced from the IC itself. Requests to just analyze the IC are also possible. This service assumes that the customer owns the rights to the IC development.

IC decomposition and peeling

IC is decomposed and surface pictures are taken.

Surface pictures of each layer

Surface pictures of each layer are taken.

Circuit extraction

The circuits are extracted to draw the circuit diagrams.

* Extraction of synthesizable Verilog and VHDL is also available.

* RTL extraction is conducted in the case of digital circuits.

IC Decryption Service FlowNote: The figures avobe are just examples.Actual circuits and chip pictures are different

Simulation and evaluation FPGA prototyping

Simulation is performed based on the circuits above and the evaluation results are provided.
Assistance for FPGA prototyping is also available.

* Submission of test data is required.

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