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Power Supply IC Development

Practical development achievements up to 24MHz power supply IC have been produced

In addition to general switched-mode power supplies using linear control (up to 3 MHz), we have become able to develop IC at a high-frequency region where non-linear control is applied. Commissioned development of power supply IC is acceptable for a wide range of applications, from industrial equipment to mobile devices.

power IC area

Non-linear control is applied to realize 24MHz high-speed switching operation and fast response.

Best for space-saving design
Operation with ultra-compact parts of LSW=0.16uH, CIN=COUT=1uF
VIN=2.3V to 5.5V, VOUT=1.8V, 1.2V, IOUT=350mA
Various functions can be packaged, including automatic switching between PFM and PWM, overcurrent detection, overheat protection, and low voltage detection

power IC block


  • Commissioned development meeting a wide range of needs from industrial equipment to mobile devices
  • Application of higher frequency to achieve smaller physical sizes of recommended parts
    • TOSHIBA DCDC: 17.5MHz at 0mA + LSW= 220nH, COUT=2.2uF, CIN=2.2uF
    • Current product of Company A: 6MHz at 0mA + LSW=1,000nH, COUT=4.7uF, CIN=4.7uF

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