Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) Corporation

Corporate Profile

Business Field and Service

Focusing on there types of solution (Embedded System solutions, System LSI solutions and System Integration solutions), Toshiba Information Systems will build up its core competence to Answer any customer's needs widely and attentively.

Toshiba Information Systems has developed its businesses to answer a wide range of needs.
For example, Toshiba Information Systems builds systems for the microcomputer application system field of the mobile communication equipment, mobile information communications terminals and other devices, which symbolize our current information society, and the company's enterprise system such as ERP.
Toshiba Information Systems also provides system integration, service solutions, products related to information systems, net services, consulting outsourcing and semiconductor system designs.

Customers' needs are becoming increasingly complicated and require more advanced technologies as our information society rapidly evolves.
To accurately grasp these needs, to always provide the optimal solution promptly and to deal with a wide variety of areas, Toshiba Information Systems is mainly engaged in the three major solution areas of "Embedded System solutions", "System LSI solutions" and "System Integration solutions".
Specialists with advanced knowledge and technical capability in each area provide customers with the best solutions.

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