Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) Corporation

Intended Use of Personal Information

Toshiba Information Systems intends to use personal information held by it for the following purposes:

(1) Personal Information of Customers

  1. Shipment of products;
  2. Sending information about products, services or events;
  3. Provision of product support or maintenance;
  4. Responses to inquiries;
  5. Issuance of warranty cards and provision of after-sales service under warranty;
  6. Provision of membership services;
  7. Product development, conduct of questionnaire surveys and implementation of product and service monitoring programs;
  8. Performance of contracts; and
  9. Business negotiations or meetings with customers.

(2) Personal Information of Government Office Workers and Civil Servants

Communication with, reporting to, inquiries addressed to or other contact with competent governmental authorities required for the execution of business.

(3) Personal Information of Officers and Employees of Business Partners and Other Companies

  1. Communication, discussion and other contact required for the execution of business; and
  2. Business partners' data management and processing of payments and receipts by us.

(4) Personal Information of Applicants for Employment at Toshiba Information Systems

  1. Provision of recruitment information to and communication with applicants for employment (including internships); and
  2. Management of employment-related data at Toshiba Information Systems.

(5) Personal Information Entrusted by Business Partners

If any business partner entrusts Toshiba Information Systems with all or part of the processing of personal information, Toshiba Information Systems uses personal information mainly in the following business domains to properly perform such entrusted processing:

  • Embedded Solutions

    (Semiconductor circuit designs, development and maintenance of embedded software, sales and support services of embedded software products, etc.)

  • LSI Solutions

    (Development, operation and maintenance of software, sales and support services of software products, information processing services, information and communication services, information provision services, etc.)

(6) Personal Information of Employees

  1. Employment contract management;
  2. Personnel labor management;
  3. Social insurance and other procedures;
  4. Welfare programs and safety and health management;
  5. Utilization and development of human resources;
  6. Emergency contacts and other communications; and
  7. Other management related or incidental to any of the above.

(7) Personal Information of Retired Employees

  1. Sending communications and information from Toshiba Information Systems;
  2. Management of employment records regarding retired employees;
  3. Personnel labor management as stipulated by laws concerning retired employees;
  4. Management of social insurance and other various procedures; and
  5. Other retired employee management incidental to any of the above.

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