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Copyrights and Other Rights Concerning Our Website

  1. Ownership of Copyrights

    Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) Corporation ("Toshiba Information Systems," "we," "our" or "us") owns works (including documents and materials) registered on the Toshiba Information Systems WWW Server (the "Server") unless otherwise expressly stated.

  2. Limited License to Make Reproductions

    The users of the Server may make reproductions of our works for non-commercial purposes and for their personal use only. However, copyright notice must be included in the reproductions if the relevant work includes our copyright notice.

  3. Restrictions on Use

    Except for the above, you have no license to use works on the Server. No trademark right, patent right, design right or any other intellectual property light has been granted to you. You may not reproduce, adapt, publicly transmit or make available for transmission those works for commercial purposes. Please note that separate terms and conditions of use governing individual works shall prevail, if any.

  4. Disclaimer

    Toshiba Information Systems makes no warranty with respect to the data and other contents of the works on the Server. We have no liability for any errors or defects, etc. that could be included in the data or other contents of the works on the Server. Works on the Server are subject to change or abolition without any prior notice.

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