Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) Corporation

System Integration Solutions

This group provides comprehensive solutions, from consulting and system development to operation and maintenance.

Toshiba Information Systems provides customers with the optimal solutions, using expertise both in industry, business practice, and system development, integration technology, fostered over the years.
The System Integration Solutions Group provides solutions by building enterprise systems tailored to each customer and package based solutions such as ERP, CRM and EC.

System Integration and System Development solutions

This group provides solutions for a customer's enterprise systems consulting, system integration and system development.

  • Manufacturing management system (e.g. technical information management, procurement management and quality management)
  • Financial and insurance consultation systems
  • Marketing management system (demand forecast and contact interval analysis, e.g. audience rating)
  • Customer management systems (e.g. rating and billing management)
  • Logistics systems
  • Broadcasting and interactive communication systems
  • Newspaper editing systems
  • GIS (Geographic Information System)
  • Semiconductor CIM
  • Sales and procurement systems
  • Engineering and analysis systems

Package based solutions

On the basis of enterprise systems, this group consults customers about system building, and then customizes the packages and provides add-ons.

  • ERP-related system: accounting, sales, manufacturing management, human resources, salary, general affairs and capital asset management
  • SCM-related systems: stock management and procurement management
  • CRM-related systems: sales support, telephone sales support, service management and call center management
  • E-commerce-related systems: BTO (Build-To-Order), portal site, order placement/acceptance and EDI
  • DWH/KM-related systems: data analysis, data search and document management

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